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Sorkun Marble, which began its operations in Denizli in 2002 with a commitment to preserving this magnificent historical texture and aesthetics, has a production capacity of 1.5 million square meters annually, sourcing materials from 7 quarries, including 6 travertine and 1 beige. Since all our products are made from raw materials owned by our company, we can produce products of the same quality and meet our customers' demands sustainably. The raw materials extracted from the quarries are meticulously and skilfully processed in the Sorkun Marble factory, which covers a total area of 29,000 square meters, including 12,000 square meters of indoor space and 17,000 square meters of outdoor space

Apart from standard-sized products, we can also produce custom block or semi-finished products to meet specific needs. With our wide range of products, we are able to manufacture items ranging from 5cm x 5cm to 180cm x 290cm, allowing us to easily meet all of our customers' requests.

As Sorkun Mermer, we have always set providing the highest quality of our products as a commercial principle. We remain committed to our principles of on-time production and delivery. We prioritize the safety of our products by directly delivering them from our production area to the shipping company when needed.

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Sorkun Marble, a member of the Sorkun Group, is the choice for Turkey and the world when it comes to Travertine products in the natural stone industry. With a focus on quality, reliability, and advanced technology, our quarry operates 24/7, skilfully processing the relics of Anatolia’s rich historical past, the cradle of world civilizations. Our company is deeply aware that natural stone reflects the characteristics and beauty of the country it belongs to. We see the past, present, and future as an integrated whole. As Sorkun Marble, aiming to become a symbol in the natural stone industry in Turkey and around the world, we leverage the advantages of owning our quarry to produce sustainable products from Travertine material

R&D Facility

We put our signature under every project we undertake and leave a lasting mark in our industry

In all our projects, we prioritize on-time delivery, high customer satisfaction, and a sense of social responsibility, creating specialized project services for the marble industry

Quality Policies

Our goal is to aim for excellence in our business by producing reliable and durable products that exceed our customers’ expectations. In pursuit of this goal, we continuously improve our competence, products, and processes by implementing and adhering to international standards related to our business, within our quality management system

Work Ethic

As Sorkun Marble, we conduct all our operations, always striving for the best while adhering to the principles of honesty and transparency


In achieving our corporate goals, we act with an awareness of our environmental responsibilities and produce with an emphasis on ecological balance for a sustainable future

Advanced Technology

We understand that advancing technology is key to the path of growth, and we integrate our production facilities by closely following the evolving technologies in our industry.

People-Centered Approach

At Sorkun Marble, we place people at the core of our existence with our fundamental principle ‘People First,’ encompassing all our internal, external, and potential stakeholders. In this context, we ensure that all individuals in our corporate ecosystem derive maximum benefit

Quality Focus

With our quality-oriented approach aiming for excellence in production, we view work and improvement as a whole, continuously striving for improvement. Embracing unparalleled quality as a life philosophy, we aim for the highest level of quality at every stage of our business processes.

Innovative Thinking

We share with all our stakeholders that we have an approach based on innovative thinking and creativity, creating open environments for all new ideas to expand the boundaries of knowledge


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