Sorkun Marble



Sorkun Marble, one of the Sorkun Group companies, is the preferred choice for Travertine products in the natural stone sector in Turkey and across the globe. Our quarry operates around the clock, emphasizing product quality, reliability, and advanced technology, skilfully crafting relics from Anatolia, the cradle of world civilizations, and delivering them to you. As a company, we are fully aware that natural stone reflects the qualities and beauty of the country it belongs to, and we consider the past, present, and future as an integrated whole. As Sorkun Marble, we aim to become a symbol in the natural stone sector in Turkey and around the world. Leveraging the advantages of owning our quarry, we produce sustainable products from Travertine material. In fact, for 21 years, we have continued to be a solutions partner in the marble industry by distributing our annual total factory production volume of 1.5 million square meters to every corner of the world through our continually expanding network. Thanks to the advantages of our extensive product range, we can easily meet all our customers’ demands, producing products ranging from 5cm X 5cm to 180cm X 290cm. We carefully package our Travertine products to ensure their safe delivery to customers and handle the initial shipment from our factory premises. Our precision in processing stone materials ensures durability in structures built with Travertine materials, adorning the spaces of the future with motifs of the past, and presenting marble in all its natural beauty to our customers.


Our mission is to provide services that are always environmentally friendly, dynamic, in line with world standards,


Our vision is to become a lasting global marble brand in the global marble market by managing our extensive product and service range with an innovative focus, high quality, and fast service