Sorkun Marble


Quality Policies

Our goal is to aim for excellence in our business by producing reliable and durable products that exceed our customers’ expectations. In pursuit of this goal, we continuously improve our competence, products, and processes by implementing and adhering to international standards related to our business, within our quality management system

Work Ethic

As Sorkun Marble, we conduct all our operations, always striving for the best while adhering to the principles of honesty and transparency


In achieving our corporate goals, we act with an awareness of our environmental responsibilities and produce with an emphasis on ecological balance for a sustainable future

Advanced Technology

We understand that advancing technology is key to the path of growth, and we integrate our production facilities by closely following the evolving technologies in our industry.

People-Centered Approach

At Sorkun Marble, we place people at the core of our existence with our fundamental principle ‘People First,’ encompassing all our internal, external, and potential stakeholders. In this context, we ensure that all individuals in our corporate ecosystem derive maximum benefit

Quality Focus

With our quality-oriented approach aiming for excellence in production, we view work and improvement as a whole, continuously striving for improvement. Embracing unparalleled quality as a life philosophy, we aim for the highest level of quality at every stage of our business processes.

Innovative Thinking

We share with all our stakeholders that we have an approach based on innovative thinking and creativity, creating open environments for all new ideas to expand the boundaries of knowledge