Sorkun Marble


Sorkun Group

The Sorkun Group, a conglomerate, encompasses businesses operating in the textile and marble sectors. Its textile enterprises engage in various areas such as fabric production, clothing, and home textiles, while its marble enterprises specialize in natural stone production, processing, and sales.
Renowned as an innovative enterprise that produces high-quality products and offers unique services to its customers, the Sorkun Group sets high standards for customer satisfaction and quality across its operations. It continually strives for improvement in these aspects.
Furthermore, the Sorkun Group places significant importance on sustainability and makes efforts to minimize environmental impacts in its production processes. It actively supports projects that benefit both society and the environment.
With its extensive experience in the industry and strong financial resources, our company has achieved significant success. In the future, it aims to maintain its leading position in the sector by continuing to offer innovative products and services

Sorkun Marble

Sorkun Marble, a part of the Sorkun Group, is the preferred choice for Travertine products in the natural stone industry in Turkey and around the world. Our quarry, operating 24 hours a day with a focus on product quality, reliability, and advanced technology, expertly processes relics from Anatolia, the cradle of world civilizations. Our company is deeply aware of the significance of natural stone in reflecting the qualities and beauty of the country it originates from. We consider the past, present, and future as an integral whole.
As Sorkun Marble, our goal is to become a symbol in the natural stone sector in Turkey and worldwide. Leveraging the advantages of having our quarry, we produce sustainable products from Travertine material. Over the past 21 years, we have continued to be a solutions partner in the marble industry, distributing our annual total factory production volume of 1.5 million square meters to every corner of the world through our ever-expanding network. The advantages of our extensive product range allow us to produce products ranging from 5cm X 5cm to 180cm X 290cm, easily meeting all our customers’ demands. We carefully package our Travertine products to ensure safe delivery to our customers and handle the initial shipment from our factory premises. Our precision in processing stone materials ensures durability in structures built with Travertine materials and adorns the spaces of the future with motifs of the past, presenting marble in all its natural beauty to our customers.

Sorteks Textile

Our Textile Factory primarily focuses on yarn, raw fabric, and home textile production. Established in 1996 in Denizli, our factory spans over 30,000 square meters. In our yarn factory, we produce yarns in the range of 6-30 Ne with our machinery equipped with 8200 rotors. Leveraging our gained experience, our company exports a significant portion of its products to Europe and America, becoming a brand known for its quality. Sorteks has embraced customer satisfaction, on-time delivery, and quality production as commercial principles and has successfully become a reliable company in line with these principles